Automotive Glossary

Automotive Glossary

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Word Processor

A computer program used to create text based documents such as letters and memos, although graphics may also be added.


Performed when energy is used. The SI unit is the 'Joule'.

World Wide Web

The www is a collection of electronic 'pages' that can be accessed over the Internet. The World Wide Web is NOT the same as the Internet, it is only a part of it.

Worm Gear

Gear set with a screw pinion driving a wheel with meshing circumferential teeth.


Wide open throttle

Woven abrasive pad

A fibre pad used to lightly sand a surface. These pads, which are supplied in various grades, last much longer than abrasive papers and are less likely to rub through on sharp angles and panel edges.


The phenomenon by which electrically charged paint droplets curve around to the rear side of the object being painted. Used to great advantage in Electrostatic spraying of components with complicated shapes


Surface distortion that occurs in a thick coat of enamel due to uneven cure or recoating of an uncured paint film.

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