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The Institute of the Motor Industry, Fanshaws, Brickendon, Hertford SG13 8PQ,UK

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For more information or technical support, please email: (include your username so we can look you up on the system if necessary)

Text reader

If you would like to use a text reader on this (or any) website, Microsoft Narrator reads text on your PC screen aloud. To start or stop Narrator, press the Windows logo key Start symbol+ Ctrl + Enter. To see all Narrator commands, press Caps Lock + F1 after you open Narrator. If your device has a touchscreen, tap it three times with four fingers. More information here

Help videos

Most of these videos are just a minute or two long and give a quick overview of each subject to help you get started and make the best use of our eLearning system:

General help

Logging in

Find your course(s)

Enrolment keys

Learning screens

Glossary and toolbox



Interactive features (10 mins but FF to the parts you need!)

Offline version

Download and install (5 mins)

Apprenticeship Standards: eLogbook, eLearning and Behaviours tool

01 All users – Logging in and access codes

02 All users – Overview and structure

03 Apprentices – eLogbook

04 Mentors – eLogbook

05 All users – Soft skills and behaviours assessment

06 All users – eLearning

07 All users – Grades and reports

08 Training Providers – Setting up groups

09 Training Providers – Adding users to groups

10 Training Providers – Creating mentors and assessors

Hard copy notes to support these 10 videos: Apprenticeship Standards: eLogbook, eLearning and Behaviours tool

Extra help for teachers

Teacher grades

Teacher reports

Teacher editing


Download the User Guide, the offline elearning Installation guide and a copy of out Terms and conditions (license).

Click these links for the Generic brochure, Light Vehicle and Accident Repair information sheets.

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