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Relative crankshaft rotational points of action within the engine operating cycle particularly for ignition and valve opening.

Timing Belt

A toothed drive belt that droves from the crankshaft pulley to the camshaft. In some cases the drive is also to an ignition distributor or diesel injection pump.

Timing Chain

Chain that drives the camshaft from the crankshaft.

Timing Marks

Marks on the crankshaft pulley, flywheel, distributor drive pulley and/or camshaft pulley. Used to accurately time and an engine.


An individual pigment from a family of pigments used on a mixing machine to produce a colour match to the vehicle to be painted. Also refers to the act of colour adjustment where small amounts of tinters are added to mixed colour to correct a mismatch

Tinting Strength

The ability of a pigment to change the colour of a paint to which it is added. Some pigments have high tinting strength and only a small amount is necessary to make a large change in colour.


Tires (or 'tyres' in British English) are ring-shaped parts, either pneumatic or solid, that fit around wheels to protect them and enhance their function.

Titanium Dioxide

A non-toxic, non-reactive, white pigment. Has the greatest hiding power of all white pigments.


Thermactor Idle Vacuum Valve


Throttle Kicker Solenoid

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