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Usually refers to a pump where a number of pistons are used that act outwards from the centre.


The emission and diffusion of rays.


An apparatus for radiating or diffusing heat.

Radiator Cap

Cap used to pressurise cooling system.


The straight line distance from the centre of a circle to any fixed point on the circumference.

Radius Arm

Suspension link with a fixed inner bearing and support for the stub axle assembly at the outer end.


(1) Gear selector component carrying the selector forks in a manual transmission. (2) Pressurised petrol supply tube for all fuel injectors in a port electronic fuel injection system.


Random Access Memory. Dynamic memory in computers which holds data being worked on. This data is not permanent and will be lost when power is switched off.

Ram Air Effect

Forced movement of air due to the movement of the vehicle.

Ram Cylinder

Hydraulic cylinder that applies force to a rod. Often part of a steering system.

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