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Quality control

Entry link: QC


Entry link: Qt


A four link suspension system developed by Ford.
Entry link: Quadralink


A mechanical lever shaped as a quadrant usually with three or more points for transmitting movement.
Entry link: Quadrant

Quadrant and Pinion

Mechanism to raise and lower window. Similar to rack and pinion but with the rack on the circumference of the quadrant.
Entry link: Quadrant and Pinion


Four wheeled vehicle with a max ULW of 400kg (550kg for a goods vehicle) with a max net power of 15KW.

Entry link: Quadricycle

Quarter Panel (Rear quarter)

Side Panel which is generally a quarter of the total length of the vehicle and extends from the rear door to the end of the car.
Entry link: Quarter Panel (Rear quarter)


Any three points that divide an ordered distribution into four parts. Each of these parts contain a quarter of the score.
Entry link: Quartile


A type of glass that will withstand very high temperatures.
Entry link: Quartz

Quartz Halogen Lamp

High intensity light bulb with a quartz glass bulb and filled with a halogen gas.
Entry link: Quartz Halogen Lamp

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