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Automotive Glossary

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Quality control




A four link suspension system developed by Ford.


A mechanical lever shaped as a quadrant usually with three or more points for transmitting movement.

Quadrant and Pinion

Mechanism to raise and lower window. Similar to rack and pinion but with the rack on the circumference of the quadrant.


Four wheeled vehicle with a max ULW of 400kg (550kg for a goods vehicle) with a max net power of 15KW.

Quarter Panel (Rear quarter)

Side Panel which is generally a quarter of the total length of the vehicle and extends from the rear door to the end of the car.


Any three points that divide an ordered distribution into four parts. Each of these parts contain a quarter of the score.


A type of glass that will withstand very high temperatures.

Quartz Halogen Lamp

High intensity light bulb with a quartz glass bulb and filled with a halogen gas.

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