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Automotive Glossary

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Little End

End of the con rod that fits to the piston.

Live Axle

An axle that transmits a drive to the wheels. Also known as a drive axle.

Live Feed

Electrical supply from (usually) the battery positive, possibly via the ignition switch and a fuse.


Description of how hard an engine is working.

Load Carrying Member

A component of a chassis which carries or supports the weight of the vehicle, the engine or other mechanical system. Any other component that carries a load.

Load Sensing Valve

A valve in the rear brake circuit of a goods carrying vehicle that responds to the weight of load to vary the braking effort of the rear wheels.

Loading (Clogging)

The build-up of flatting residue between the abrasive particles on flatting papers or discs during use. Loading reduces the cutting effectiveness of the abrasive.


The lever component of a cam set on an eccentric orbit from the centre axis of the shaft.

Lock (Steering)

The amount that the front wheels are able to turn from the straight ahead position to fully turned. Measures either as an angle of turn or the diameter of the minimum turning circle.

Lock Nut

A nut that is used to lock another nut or threaded component in position on a threaded rod or stud. Also jam nut - US term.

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