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A mechanical or hydraulic tool for lifting a vehicle. Should always be used with axle stands if under vehicle access is needed.
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Jack Stands

Vehicle support equipment manufactured with a rated weight capacity. Used to support a vehicle when wheels are removed or when access to the underside is needed. Also known as axle stands.
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Jam (Lock) Nut

A nut that is used to lock another nut or threaded component in position on a threaded rod or stud. Also lock nut - US term.
Entry link: Jam (Lock) Nut

Jamb Switch

Switch fitted on a door jamb or pillar for operating the courtesy light or vehicle alarm system.
Entry link: Jamb Switch


The deliberate radiation or reflection of electromagnetic energy for the purpose of disrupting enemy use of electronic devices or systems. Or informal music creation in a group!
Entry link: Jamming


Jet Air System
Entry link: JAS


A calibrated nozzle in a gas or liquid injection system. In a carburettor used to regulate fuel and air flows.
Entry link: Jet

Jet Needle

A small needle that works inside a jet (small hole) to control fuel flow in a carburettor.
Entry link: Jet Needle


A device for locating and holding a piece of work during machining operations.
Entry link: Jig

Jiggle pin

Most thermostats have a Jiggle pin. Its function is to allow trapped air past a closed thermostat as a build-up of air in front of the wax capsule could cause engine damage.
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