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Groove (Tire)

A channel cut in the tread of a tire to facilitate the dispersal of road surface water.

Groove (Tyre)

(1) A channel cut in the tread of a tyre to facilitate the dispersal of road surface water. (2) The machined slot around the piston into which the rings are fitted.

Ground (Earth)

The electrical termination for components connected into a vehicle direct current ground return circuit. On mains electricity a safety route for an electrical short circuit used as a means of protecting people or electrical components from electrical overload.

Ground (Earth) Cable

The battery cable connecting the return side of a vehicle circuit to a terminal on the battery where a ground return circuit is used.

Ground Clearance

The dimension under a vehicle which clears any obstacles in the roadway.

Ground Test

A test to make sure the earth or ground or chassis electrical connection is in good working order.


A safety practice where two objects are interconnected with clamps and bare wire. This equalizes the electrical potential between the objects and helps prevent static sparks that could ignite flammable materials.

Gudgeon Pin

The piston pin that connects a piston to a connecting rod. Fitted at the little end of the connecting rod. Also wrist pin.


Petroleum distillate formed during combustion particularly with poor fuel quality. The gum is deposited on cylinder walls and increases the tendency for glazing.

Gun Body

The main part of the spray gun to which all other component parts are attached.

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