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Entry link: F


Fast CAN
Entry link: F-CAN


Front wheel drive."
Entry link: F.W.D.


The colour perceived by the brain when a painted surface is viewed from an angle of 90° - that being the angle at which the greatest amount of light reflection will occur
Entry link: Face-tone

Factory-applied Paint

Paint applied to a vehicle at the factory of the original equipment manufacturer (OEM). Factory-applied paint is normally cured by baking.
Entry link: Factory-applied Paint


The gradual loss of colour or gloss of a paint film due to a chemical or physical change, usually due to natural ageing or exposure to harmful environmental conditions
Entry link: Fading

Fail Safe

A device or feature that prevents total failure in the event of a fault occurring.
Entry link: Fail Safe


The process by which testing may continue when the computerised system is not available at a VTS, for example, following the breakdown of the VTS device.

Entry link: Fallback

Fallback Review

The process by which test data recorded while testing under Fallback is subsequently confirmed on the MOT computer database.

Entry link: Fallback Review

Fan (fan width)

The spray pattern of paint as it is emitted from a spray gun. Most spray guns have adjustments that can alter the fan width from a small round pattern to an elongated elliptical pattern.
Entry link: Fan (fan width)

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