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Fast CAN


Front wheel drive."


The colour perceived by the brain when a painted surface is viewed from an angle of 90° - that being the angle at which the greatest amount of light reflection will occur

Factory-applied Paint

Paint applied to a vehicle at the factory of the original equipment manufacturer (OEM). Factory-applied paint is normally cured by baking.


The gradual loss of colour or gloss of a paint film due to a chemical or physical change, usually due to natural ageing or exposure to harmful environmental conditions

Fail Safe

A device or feature that prevents total failure in the event of a fault occurring.


The process by which testing may continue when the computerised system is not available at a VTS, for example, following the breakdown of the VTS device.

Fallback Review

The process by which test data recorded while testing under Fallback is subsequently confirmed on the MOT computer database.

Fan (fan width)

The spray pattern of paint as it is emitted from a spray gun. Most spray guns have adjustments that can alter the fan width from a small round pattern to an elongated elliptical pattern.

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