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Automotive Glossary

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Flexible Additive

A substance added to paint to improve its performance characteristics, such as impact resistance, flexibility, and elasticity when applied to plastic or flexible substrates.

Flexible Coupling

A rubber or fabric reinforced rubber coupling that is used to join two shafts. Usually incorporates two forks that act as a safety device in the event of failure of the rubber component.


Another word for bending.


The change in value, hue, and chroma of a metallic or pearl car finish when it is viewed from different angles.


The colour perceived by the brain when a painted surface is viewed from an acute angle (i.e. less than 90°). - the more acute the angle, the less amount of light reflection occurs, giving an impression that the colour is darker


A longitudinal cut

Flitch Panel

Structural panel of vehicle body on sides of engine.


A buoyant component used to indicate or control fluid levels. In a carburettor used with a needle valve to control the petrol level in the float chamber.

Float Chamber

Part of carburettor holding petrol at a controlled level.


The tendency of pigment particles in a wet paint film to separate from one another and concentrate in particular areas, resulting in a 'patchy' finish

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