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A restriction in a carburettor. The term is used to describe either the venturi as in single or twin choke carburettor, or for the cold start device.

Choke Flap

The butterfly type valve that restricts the flow of air.

Chopper Module

An electronic circuit or unit that switches a supply on and off rapidly.


The level of saturation or intensity and richness of a colour. De-saturated or "dirty" colours have less chroma; saturated or "clean" colours have more chroma.


A chemical compound used as a component in primers to provide corrosion protection to metal.

Chromate Rinse

Newly manufactured vehicle bodies are completely immersed in a chromic acid solution after zinc or iron phosphating to passivate the metal at the base of cracks and pinholes in the phosphate. Chromate rinsing, as used in modern mass-production paint preparation, will greatly increase corrosion resistance.


cylinder identification sensor


A complete conducting path.

Circuit Board

A board used to construct an electronic circuit.

Circuit Breaker

A switch to turn off the current flow in a circuit. Can be manually or automatically operated.

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