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Central Fuel Injection

CFI (Fuel Injection)

Usually centre point fuel injection system but sometimes used for continuous fuel injection.


Cubic Feet Per Minute


Used to describe the unintentional action of one component rubbing against another.


The degradation of a paint film by gradual erosion of the binder, typically due to weathering. It is common in ageing red finishes and is characterized by a pinkish haze and loose pigment particles on the surface of the paint


A soft suede leather formerly from the skin of the chamois antelope but now more often made from sheepskin.

Charcoal Canister

A part of a fuel evaporative (EVAP) system. The charcoal absorbs petrol vapour during fuel tank venting and returns the fuel to a reverse air flow and into the engine under specific conditions.

Charge Current

See charge rate.


Process of building up the level of charge in a battery or capacitor.

Charging Rate

The recommended rate of charge for a battery. Usually one tenth of the amps in the Amp hour rate for one and a half times the hours for a fully discharged battery.

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