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Airflow Sensor Plate

Mechanical fuel injection component that moves in proportion to the air intake and sets fuelling accordingly.
Entry link: Airflow Sensor Plate

Airless Spray

A system of applying paint in which the paint, under extremely high pressure, is passed through a nozzle and breaks up into droplets as it enters the lower pressure region outside the gun tip.
Entry link: Airless Spray


A pipe that delivers compressed air.
Entry link: Airline


Assembly Line Communications Link
Entry link: ALCL


Assembly line communication or diagnostic link. A multisocket connector for attaching a diagnostic tool to a vehicle electronic system.
Entry link: ALCL/ALDL

Alcoholics Anonymous

A worldwide group of men and women who meet in order to help one another stop drinking alcohol and remain sober.
Entry link: Alcoholics Anonymous


Assembly Line Data Link
Entry link: ALDL


Bringing into line.
Entry link: Alignment


A chemical 'base' (loosely, the opposite of an acid). Certain types of alkalis have been used as fuel cell electrolytes.
Entry link: Alkali


A coating based on a polyester binder. Such polyesters are chemical combinations of molecules that contain more than one acid or alcohol group.
Entry link: Alkyd

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