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Automotive Glossary

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The tendency of a vehicle to drift away from the steered course when being driven. Usually associated with low or uneven tyre pressures or tight steering joints.

Wankel Engine

Rotary engine using a three-cornered rotor in a trochoidal chamber. Invented by Felix Wankel.


Twisting or bending distortion.


The legal rights given by manufacturers to cover possible defects occurring during a specified time or mileage.

Wash Primer

A primer that forms an anti-corrosive chemical film when applied on a bare metal surface. More commonly known as etching or self-etch primer.


Flat circular plate with a hole in it. Used to spread the load of a nut or bolt.

Waste Gate

Control valve in the exhaust gas flow through a turbocharger.

Water Jacket

Part of the cylinder block and head of an engine that encloses the cavity through which cooling water flows.

Water Pump

(1) Pump that circulates the water of an engine's cooling system. Also circulating pump. (2) Any pump for delivering water under pressure, as for screen washing, etc.

Water Spotting

A condition caused by water droplets evaporating on a finish before it has thoroughly dried or cured, which results in a dulling of the gloss in localised spots.

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