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The process by which a liquid forms intimate contact with the substrate to which it is applied.

Wheel Alignment

The relative angle of the road wheels to the true longitudinal axis of the vehicle. The toe angle is the degree of variation needed to bring the wheels into true rolling motion when the vehicle is travelling. Also known as 'toe'.

Wheel Base

The dimension from the centre of the front axle to the centre of the rear axle(s).

Wheel Bearing

Roller or ball bearing used to support a drive shaft or a wheel on a stub axle.

Wheel Cylinder

A brake hydraulic cylinder in a drum brake. It is fitted to the back plate on the wheel axle assembly.

Wheel Hub

The centre assembly of a wheel containing the wheel bearings.

Wheel Nave

Connects the rim to the wheel hub.

Wheel Offset

The distance from the wheel nave to the centre line of the wheel. Used to accommodate the brake assembly and bring the centre line of the wheel into close alignment with the centre line of the steering swivel and wheel hub.

Wheel Plane

The plane (flat area) through the wheel at right angles to the axle.

Wheel Rim

Part of wheel that holds the tyre.

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