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Automotive Glossary

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Water Trap

A bowl used to separate water from fuel.


A type of paint which uses water as its primary carrier rather than typical organic solvents.


Unit of power. Volts X amps.


The power rating of an electrical device.

Wave Wound

A winding that is wound in waves instead of individual coils.


Pattern displayed on an oscilloscope screen.


The distance between corresponding points of two consecutive waves.


A uniquely formulated blend that protects and produces a durable, high-gloss finish on a painted surface. The application of waxes make it easier to clean painted surfaces. Some also serve as polishes due to containing a percentage of very fine abrasive and are capable of removing minor paint imperfections.

Wax Injection

Anti-corrosion body wax injected into box sections.

Wax Pellet Actuator

A switch or valve that operates as temperature affects a wax pellet.

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