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Simple connection device to allow a pressure gauge, for example, to be connected into a pipe or fuel line.




A meter for measuring the speed of rotation of a component or device. Used to describe the on and off vehicle instruments that measure engine speed.


The stickiness of a paint film or an adhesive. The time it takes for an air-drying paint to reach a tack-free state.

Tack Cloth or Rag

A cloth coated with a non-contaminating sticky substance used to remove dirt and lint prior to painting.

Tack Coat (grip coat)

The first sprayed coat of colour, applied lightly and allowed to flash-off only until it is quite sticky.

Tack-free Time

An indicator of a coating's hardness development. The surface of the film will not finger mark, yet the film is still not dry and hard throughout.

Tandem Master Cylinder

A brake master cylinder with two separate pumping chambers. Used for split circuit brake hydraulic systems.


A projection or lug used to hold or drive an attached part. Tang on a file to hold the handle.

Tank Sender

A unit in the fuel tank that indicates the fuel level.

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