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Force acting on an object causing it to change position or alignment with another object. Also used to describe a force along an axis where two components are forced together.

Thrust Bearing

Bearing intended principally to react to axial or thrust loads. Thrust race (Informal).

Thrust Face (Piston)

The side of a piston pressed against the cylinder wall during the combustion stroke. The opposite side to the connecting rod direction of travel.

Thrust Plate

A plate that applies thrust (force).

Thrust Plates

Plates used to apply thrust (pushing force) to another component.


A silicon controlled rectifier used as a switching device using a very low control current to switch much larger currents. Thyristors are switched on by a gate control current and remain on until the main current flow ceases.

Tick Over

Rotational speed of an engine on no-load and minimum throttle setting. Also idle or curb idle.

Tie Rod

A connecting rod in a steering system between the drop arm (Pitman arm), the idler arm and the steering arms on the steering swivels.

Time Lag

A delay in operation.


Reference to the time that information was recorded.

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