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Three Point Seat Belt

Type of seat belt that has a single belt threaded across the lap and shoulder and anchored at three points. The anchorage points are both sides of the lap and on the pillar above the shoulder of the wearer. Also known as a lap and diagonal belt.

Three Point Static

Type of seat belt with lap and diagonal webbing.

Three Quarter Floating Axle

An axle hub arrangement with one bearing mounted in a hub on the axle casing. Although the load is carried mainly by the hub there are shear and bending forces applied to the axle shaft.

Three Way Converter

A dual bed catalytic converter with one stage coated with platinum and palladium and the other with platinum and rhodium. Converts HC (Hydrocarbons) and CO (Carbon Monoxide) to H (Hydrogen) and CO2 (Carbon Dioxide); and NOX (Nitrogen Oxides) to N (Nitrogen) and O (Oxygen).

Three-lobe Cam

A triangular shape cam.


The engine speed control mechanism operated by the driver.

Throttle Body

A simple unit containing a throttle butterfly. Use as part of an injection system.

Throttle Body Injection

A petrol fuel injection system using a single point injector in a throttle body in the inlet air supply and positioned on top of the inlet manifold. Also single point injection (SPI).

Throttle Butterfly

The restrictor (plate) in the air intake of petrol injection ducts or carburettors.

Throttle Plate

The restrictor (butterfly) in the air intake of petrol injection ducts or carburettors.

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