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A type of polymer paint or plastic which softens and melts when heated and then re-solidifies upon cooling. An example is 1K acrylic lacquer paint.


Temperature sensing valve controlling flow of coolant.

Thermostatic Control

A device that uses temperature for actuation.


Thermosyphon (or thermosiphon) refers to a method of passive heat exchange based on natural convection which circulates liquid without the necessity of a mechanical pump.

Thick Film Ignition Module

An integrated circuit ignition control module."


Solvent added to a paint to reduce its viscosity to a sprayable consistency.

Third Party

Another party, not one's self (legal).

Thread Pitch

Distance from the top or peak of one thread to the top of the next.

Threaded Unions

Usually pipe connections using threaded connections.

Three Phase Electric Current

The internal alternating current output from an alternator stator and made up from three single phases starting at 120 degree intervals. The three phases are rectified to a direct current output for charging the battery and supplying the vehicle electrical systems.

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