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Force due to a pulling effort.

Tension Rod

A trailing strut or rod positioned between the vehicle chassis and a suspension track control arm to hold it in position and to transmit driving and braking forces.


Opposing pulling forces (tension) that create a stress (tensile) in an object.


A device usually consisting of a small pulley to set belt tension.


Electrical connection points. Common types are described as spade, blade, ring and fork.

Test Cycle

Strictly controlled test procedure for exhaust emission evaluations.

Test Lamp

A simple bulb used for tracing circuit faults.

Test Port

A point where a test gauge may be connected.

Test Probe

A general term used to describe the device used to make contact when testing a circuit. The prods on the end of multimeter leads are good examples.

Test Rigs

Machines designed to allow components to be run and operated as if fitted to the vehicle. Used for test and calibration purposes.

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