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Transmission or Transaxle Control Module


Traction control solenoid (SAAB 9000)


Turbo Diesel


Top dead centre. The position of the crankshaft when the piston is at its highest position in the cylinder. The crankshaft is at 0° of rotation.


Turbo Direct Injection (A turbo charged direct injected diesel engine)


Time Division Multiple Access refers to a digital communication link where multiple devices share a single carrier frequency by taking turns. Each gets the channel exclusively for a certain time slice, and then gives it up while all the other phones take their turn.


Acting like a telescope in having a sleeved construction where one or more sleeves slide inside the outer sleeve. Modern shock absorbers and safety steering columns are generally of this type of construction.


A measure of the hotness or coldness of matter. The S.I. unit of temperature is the Kelvin (K) and is the same as minus two hundred and seventy-three degrees Celsius.

Temperature Differential

Difference in temperature between two components.


Baking of plastic parts to drive off internal mould release agents prior to painting.

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