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Automotive Glossary

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Resonant Frequency

Vibration at the natural frequency of a component.

Resonant Noise

A noise that results from vibration at the natural frequency of a component.


Component of the exhaust system to reduce noise.


Sources of information, expertise and knowledge.


A device worn over the face to filter particles and fumes out of the air being breathed. Modern 2K paints require the use of air-fed respirators which provide an efficiently filtered supply of air at a positive pressure around a half-or full-face mask worn by the painter.


A narrowing of a passage used to control flow of a gas or liquid.

Resultant Force

A force acting in one direction as result of other forces acting on an object from other directions.


A slow-evaporating solvent added to a paint to prolong the drying time. Typically used to reduce orange peel or blushing.


The fitting of a system after the vehicle has left the factory or later in its life.


Retrofitting refers to the act of adding new technology or features to older systems.

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