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A container holding a supply of liquid, gas, air or vacuum in a system.

Residual Magnetism

The magnetism held in an electromagnetic pole after the electrical current has been turned off. Natural magnetism in a magnet.

Residual Pressure

The pressure held in a hydraulic line after a valve has closed and is used to reduce the pressure build up time when next applied.


A property of material that has the ability to absorb energy from sudden loading by extension and resistance to fracture from stress loadings.


A solid or semisolid material, usually polymeric, which deposits a film and is the actual film-forming ingredient in paint. Solutions of polymers are often called resins, but the term actually applies only to the film forming solids, not to the solution.


(1) Electrical resistance, the Ohm, is a measure of the opposition to electrical current flow in a conductor. (2) A force that acts in opposition to another.

Resistance Test

A measurement of resistance using an ohmmeter.


Electrical device which has resistance to the passage of current.

Resistor Pack

Set of dropping resistors used as part of a heater motor circuit to set different speeds.


The number of pixels per square inch shown on the computer screen. The greater the resolution the better the picture.

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