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The value of something when divided into one. The reciprocal of R is 1/R.


Moving backwards and forwards.

Recirculating Ball Steering

A steering gearbox using the nut and worm principle. It has a series of ball bearings forming the thread of the worm, which gives a very smooth operation.


The application of fresh paint material over a recently painted material.

Recombinant Battery

A type of battery design which has slightly more negative plate material than positive plate material allowing the oxygen released by the positive plates, near to the fully charged position, to combine with the negative plate so that no gases are discharged.


An electrical device that converts alternating current AC to direct current DC.


To lower the viscosity of a paint by the addition of solvent or thinner.


A solvent used to reduce or thin paints to sprayable viscosity.

Reduction Gear

A gear (or more often pair of gears) used to reduce the speed of a shaft.


In the context of systems or message transmission, redundant means extra information on say another channel that may not be used except for checking.

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