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Reaction Member

The held component of an epicyclic gear train that produces the specific gear ratio when held.


Part of a fluid flywheel that reacts to the movement of fluid.


Describes paint which has been properly mixed with all necessary components and is ready to apply to the substrate. A variation is 'Ready-for-Use' (RFU) which refers to material that is purchased ready to apply straight from the container.


Accurate cutting of a hole using a reamer.


Recutting of a cylinder bore to an oversize dimension to remove wear and or damage. The cylinder is then fitted with oversize pistons.


Suspension movement following compression of the spring when the energy of impact is released.


Device used to receive or pick up radio signals or similar.


Part of an air conditioning system in the high pressure side between the condenser and expansion valve that acts as a reservoir and as a filter and drier for the refrigerant.


An undercut area in a component usually machined to give access for a fixing or another component.


Putting back the electricity taken from a battery.

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