Automotive Glossary

Automotive Glossary

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Rotor Windings

Copper windings that create the magnetic field on the alternator rotor.

Rounding Off

Express as a round number (i.e., 4.7 rounded off becomes 5)


Revolutions per minute.


Repetitive Strain Injury. This type of injury occurs from repeated physical movements. It can be caused by bad typing technique, bad posture and lack of adequate rest and breaks. RSI is common in the wrists.


Room temperature vulcanizing. A type of form-in-place gasket material.


The result of sanding or buffing through one layer of paint and into the substrate below. A rub-through is common from clearcoat to basecoat or from primer to metal.

Rubber Mountings

Hard rubber connection units used to insulate one component from another to reduce vibrations and noise.

Rubbing Compound

An abrasive that smoothes and polishes the paint film. Also known as polishing compound.


A measure of the out-of-true state on the face or faces of rotating components such as brake rotors and the clutch face on engine flywheels.


An engine intake tube joining the plenum chamber to the inlet port in the cylinder head.

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