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Rated Octane Number


Additional structural panel of vehicle body.

Roots Supercharger

Type of mechanical pressure charger using two twin or triple lobed rollers to form an air pump in the inlet tract of an engine.

Rotary Air Valve

A valve that uses a shutter to cover a hole depending on the amount of rotation. Usually used to refer to an auxiliary air valve on an injection system.

Rotary Control Valve

Power steering control valve coupled to the steering column, which operates by inner and outer components coming together to open valve orifices to allow hydraulic fluid flow.

Rotary Movement

Circular motion. Movement provided by the basic gear wheel or crank.

Rotary Oil Pump

A positive displacement oil pump that uses two rotors inside a housing. There is an eccentrically driven rotor with eternal lobes that mesh with the internal lobes of a driven rotor. The external rotor has one more lobe than the internal rotor and this forms the pumping and carrying chambers of the pump.

Rotary Pump

Type of diesel fuel injection pump.

Rotoflex Joint

A propeller shaft universal joint using a sleeved hexagonal rubber ring between alternate three pointed couplings on each of the two connecting shafts.


A component that rotates! Such as a brake disc, alternator rotor or oil pump rotor.

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