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(1) Distance that two points are apart. Examples are thread dimensions and pitch circle diameters of concentric drillings. (2) Vehicle body movement from back to front or from front to back.
Entry link: Pitch

Pitman Arm

The output arm on a steering gearbox. Also known as a drop arm.
Entry link: Pitman Arm


The appearance of holes or pits in a paint film while it is wet. May also refer to the damage caused by more serious rusting on steel panelwork
Entry link: Pitting

Pivot Bolt

A simple bolt on which something pivots (turns).
Entry link: Pivot Bolt

Pivot Point

The point about which something pivots!
Entry link: Pivot Point

Planet Carrier

Frame with spindles that the planet gears rotate on as part of an epicyclic gear set.
Entry link: Planet Carrier

Planetary Gears

Gears that rotate around sun gears (differential, epicyclic gearing, etc.)
Entry link: Planetary Gears


The act of forming and following a program to achieve a specific goal.
Entry link: Planning


A flat metal plate for gauging the accuracy of a plane surface in precision metalworking, which is also known as a surface plate
Entry link: Planometer

Plastic Filler

A compound of resin and heavy pigments used to fill dents on car bodies.
Entry link: Plastic Filler

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