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Pinion Shaft

A shaft on which a small gear runs.
Entry link: Pinion Shaft


Noise heard from an engine when the ignition of fuel occurs too early (advanced) in the cycle. Also 'ping'.
Entry link: Pinking


Type of injector for an indirect injection engine. Similar to pintle but with additional small injection orifice for low engine speeds.
Entry link: Pintaux


Type of injector for an indirect injection engine. Uses a spring-loaded needle that is raised by fuel pressure to allow a spray of fuel to enter the pre-combustion chamber.
Entry link: Pintle


Profile Ignition Pick Up Signal.
Entry link: PIP

Pipe Union

A joint in a pipe.
Entry link: Pipe Union


Reciprocating component, usually in the form of a cylinder closed at one end, that operates under fluid pressure within a smooth walled cylinder. In a reciprocating engine, gas pressure on the piston crown provides the prime force that is converted into rotating mechanical power by the crankshaft.
Entry link: Piston

Piston Blow

Term used to describe gases blowing past the piston rings.
Entry link: Piston Blow

Piston Crown

The top of the piston.
Entry link: Piston Crown

Piston Ring

Sealing rings usually made of cast iron. Fitted on to a piston to make a gas tight seal.
Entry link: Piston Ring

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