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Pinion Shaft

A shaft on which a small gear runs.


Noise heard from an engine when the ignition of fuel occurs too early (advanced) in the cycle. Also 'ping'.


Type of injector for an indirect injection engine. Similar to pintle but with additional small injection orifice for low engine speeds.


Type of injector for an indirect injection engine. Uses a spring-loaded needle that is raised by fuel pressure to allow a spray of fuel to enter the pre-combustion chamber.


Profile Ignition Pick Up Signal.

Pipe Union

A joint in a pipe.


Reciprocating component, usually in the form of a cylinder closed at one end, that operates under fluid pressure within a smooth walled cylinder. In a reciprocating engine, gas pressure on the piston crown provides the prime force that is converted into rotating mechanical power by the crankshaft.

Piston Blow

Term used to describe gases blowing past the piston rings.

Piston Crown

The top of the piston.

Piston Ring

Sealing rings usually made of cast iron. Fitted on to a piston to make a gas tight seal.

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