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The use of a chemical solution (usually acidic) to prepare a surface for painting or bonding by dissolving away surface oxides and other impurities.
Entry link: Pickling


Parameter ID
Entry link: PID


A special crystal that changes resistance as pressure is applied.
Entry link: Piezo-resistive


Voltage produced by shock waves on a piezo crystal. Used in engine knock sensors.
Entry link: Piezoelectric


Small particles added to paint to influence properties such as colour, corrosion resistance, mechanical strength, etc. Pigments may be coloured, semi-transparent, black, white, or colourless. They must be incorporated into a paint system by very efficient dispersion processes.
Entry link: Pigment

Pilot Bearing

Small bearing usually where two shafts meet. See also Spigot.
Entry link: Pilot Bearing


Noise heard from an engine when the ignition of fuel occurs too early (advanced) in the cycle. Also 'ping'.
Entry link: Pinging


A defect consisting of tiny holes in the dried paint surface. Defects such as pin holing, popping, bubbling, and cratering are usually caused by solvent vapours forming from the substrate or the paint and rising to the surface.
Entry link: Pinholing


A small gear wheel or the driver of a meshing pair of gear wheels.
Entry link: Pinion

Pinion Gear

A small gear wheel or the driver of a meshing pair of gear wheels.
Entry link: Pinion Gear

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