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Phosfor Bronze

See Phosphor Bronze.
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A process used by vehicle body manufacturers which results in the formation of a layer of zinc, iron, or manganese phosphate crystals on the surface of the part to be painted. In modern vehicle construction plants, phosphating is achieved by complete body immersion.
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Phosphor bronze

A material that can absorb oil making it ideal for making bushes/bearings.
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Phosphoric Acid

An acid commonly used as a catalyst to speed up the cure of Etch primers and some baking finishes, usually alkyd/nitrogen resin combinations. Also a cleaner used for removing surface corrosion from ferrous metals.
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The generation of an electrical current by light shining on certain materials such as some semiconductor devices. Photoelectric cell, photodiode or phototransistor.
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A transistor that is operated by light.
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A group of words in sequence.
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Physical layer

Hardware, actual components and wires as opposed to software.
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3.141592 (3.142).
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Pick Up Pipe

Oil pipe that picks up oil from the oil pan.
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