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Power drive unit
Entry link: PDU

Pearls (Pearlescents)

Finishes which include mica flakes in addition to the pigment and binder. These finishes are highly decorative and often give the impression that the colour alters as the viewing angle is changed.
Entry link: Pearls (Pearlescents)


Power Enrichment Control Valve
Entry link: PECV


The failure of a paint film to adhere to its substrate. Peeling results when contaminated surfaces are painted, when there is an excessive difference between paint and surface polarity or thermal expansion, or when there is solvent incompatibility.
Entry link: Peeling


The Pentagon, is a government building with five sides that serves as the headquarters of the United States Department of Defence. A pentagon, is a five sided shape.
Entry link: Pentagon


The proportion of one part of something to the whole. Usually out of 100 (‘per' means ‘out of' and ‘cent' means ‘hundred').
Entry link: Percent

Percentage Change

Changed amounts divided by the original value, then multiplied by 100.
Entry link: Percentage Change

Perceptual Safety

A reference to how safe the driver and passengers feel.
Entry link: Perceptual Safety


The sum of all the outside edges of a shape.
Entry link: Perimeter


Description of how some components, particularly if rubber-based, can decay.
Entry link: Perishing

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