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Automotive Glossary

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Position Switch

A switch used to feedback position of a moving component.

Positive Camber

Steering geometry where the road wheel leans outward at the top.

Positive Castor

Angle in side elevation between the steering and vertical axis. Steering axis hits the ground in front of the vertical axis.

Positive Communication

A comment or statement expressing approval.

Positive Crankcase Ventilation

A series of pipes and valves connecting the engine crankcase to the inlet manifold or air cleaner in order to reduce oil vapour emission to atmosphere.

Positive Displacement

A term applied to pumps which transfer liquid in the same quantity as the volume in the pumping chamber for each action of the pump.

Positive Offset (Wheel)

The position of the wheel nave or disc when outside the centre line of the wheel.

Positive Scrub

Positive scrub radius steering geometry where a line through the steering swivel axis meets the road surface inside of the tyre centre line.

Positive Temperature Coefficient

Type of resistor that has resistance increasing with increases in temperature. The normal response for metal conductors. These resistors are used in electrical circuits to give temperature sensing and control.


Energy stored in a stationary object or chemical combination that has the capacity to do work.

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