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Automotive Glossary

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A naturally occurring or synthetic compound consisting of large molecules. Used for many purposes, one of which is as a polish.


Manmade plastic material used for electrical insulation, bumpers and other trim components.


A 1K or 2K plastic-based paint finish that is characterised by durability and high gloss. Also, used for manufacturing some plastic and flexible parts.

Poppet Valve

Conventional inlet and exhaust valves having a circular plate at right angles to a central stem that runs through a guide tube.


A paint defect characterized by raised domes in the surface caused by solvent vapour forming within the paint after it has begun to "skin over." Often caused by baking at too high a temperature or before adequate flash-off time has been allowed.

Population of UK

Number of people that live in the UK.


Property of a material that allows fluid to soak into or through it.


Hole or aperture shaped to facilitate the flow of gas or liquid into or from a chamber. Usually denoted by its function, as inlet port or exhaust port.

Port Fuel Injection

Petrol electronic fuel injection system with injectors in each inlet manifold spraying fuel in towards the inlet valves in the ports of each cylinder. Also known as multipoint injection.


This is usually a folder that contains the evidence chosen to illustrate competence to satisfy individual key skills requirements.

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