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Automotive Glossary

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Alternative name for a sump.

Panel Lights

Illumination for instruments and other displays.

Panhard Rod

Rear axle transverse link between the chassis and axle beam. It is used to hold the axle in relation to the body during cornering or for sideways forces.


A petroleum based thin and colourless fuel oil, (kerosene in US English).


The condition that exists when the centre lines of two or more items or components or lines do not converge. The extended lines in both directions will always remain at an equal distance apart.

Parallel circuit

A circuit that splits into two or more branches. A break in one will not stop current flowing in the other(s).

Parallel hybrid

The engine and motor can both be used to drive the vehicle (most hybrid vehicles use this system).

Parasitic draw

An unwanted, usually small, current flow from a battery.

Parking Brake

Mechanical system of braking to hold vehicle stationary.

Parking Gear

The component(s) in an automatic box that lock the drive when 'Park' is selected.

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