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Part of a wheel: connects the rim to wheel hub.
Entry link: Nave


The way in which you get around a program or website.
Entry link: Navigation


Neutral Drive Switch.
Entry link: NDS

Needle Bearing

A bearing made from small diameter rollers in between inner and outer bearing tracks.
Entry link: Needle Bearing

Needle Valve

(1) Valve by which fluid flow rate is controlled by the degree of insertion of a tapered needle into a fixed diameter orifice. This type of valve can provide a fine gradation of flow. (2) Valve in which a blunt, conically ended needle seats on a fixed diameter orifice. With this type of valve there is little or no gradation of flow, control being limited to full, with needle lifted, or none, with needle seated.
Entry link: Needle Valve

Negative Camber

Steering geometry where the road wheel leans inward at the top.
Entry link: Negative Camber

Negative Castor

Angle in side elevation between the steering and vertical axis. Steering axis hits the ground behind the vertical axis.
Entry link: Negative Castor

Negative Communication

A comment or statement expressing lack of approval.
Entry link: Negative Communication

Negative Offset (Wheel)

The position of the wheel nave or disc when inside the centre line of the wheel.
Entry link: Negative Offset (Wheel)

Negative Scrub

Negative scrub radius steering geometry where a line through the steering swivel axis meets the road surface outside of the tyre centre line.
Entry link: Negative Scrub

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