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Automotive Glossary

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Non-Return Valve

A valve that will allow fluid or gas to pass in one direction only.


Any form of communication that does not use words, i.e. traffic lights, shaking somebody's hand and smiling.

Normally Aspirated

Non pressure-charged engine using atmospheric pressure and cylinder vacuum to charge the cylinders.

North Pole

The term used to describe one of the poles of a magnet where the magnetic field lines of force start.


Oxides of nitrogen. An exhaust emission pollutant.


The tip of an injector from where the fuel is sprayed.


Nominated Tester – a person nominated by an AE to carry out tests, Inspectors appointed by Designated Councils to carry out tests, all of which are approved by VOSA. Also VOSA staff appointed under section 66A of the Road Traffic Act 1988.

NTC Resistor

Type of resistor that has resistance reducing with increases in temperature. Used for temperature sensors.


The mass of neutrons and protons at the centre of an atom.


Non-volatile Random Access Memory

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