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Ministry of Transport. Colloquial for the annual inspection test for vehicles.


Mass Air Flow Meter.


Any material with the naturally occurring phenomenon that has the ability to attract iron.

Magnetic field

Magnetic fields surround magnetic materials and electric currents and are detected by the force they exert on other magnetic materials and moving electric charges. The magnetic field at any given point is specified by both a direction and a magnitude (or strength).

Magnetic Flux

The force contained in a magnetic field.

Magnetic Pole

The ends of a magnet where the lines of force originate. The north and south poles.

Magnetic Pulse Generator

A sensor that uses an iron core and electrical winding to induce an electrical current when passed by a toothed wheel or rotor. Also known as an inductive generator.

Magnetic Stand

A holding device for measuring equipment such as a dial test indicator.


A natural force found in iron and some other materials.


The height of a wave. The maximum voltage in an AC wave pattern.

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