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McPherson Strut

Telescopic independently sprung suspension member incorporating a damper, and fixed at its upper end to the body. The lower end is located by linkages which counteract transverse and fore and aft movement. The original system used a track control arm for transverse forces and an anti-roll bar for longitudinal (fore and aft) location. Usually incorporated in a steered front suspension system.


Mixture Control Solenoid


Manifold Charge Temperature


The average value (the sum divided by the number of items).

Mechanical Advantage

The effectiveness of a simple machine, such as a lever, inclined plane, wedge, pulley system or a screw at amplifying a force.

Mechanical Efficiency

The ratio between the actual total output of a machine and the theoretical maximum output.


A combination of a mechanical and electronic control system


The middle number of a series when the data is arranged in ascending order.


Used in 1K OEM finishes, a hard resin used to modify alkyd resins and other films formed used in baking finishes.


The stored data in a microcomputer or electronic control module.

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