Automotive Glossary

Automotive Glossary

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Manifold Vacuum

The depression or low pressure that occurs in the inlet manifold due to the increasing volume above the pistons when they are moving downwards in the cylinders. The airflow into a naturally aspirated engine cannot move quickly enough to fill the additional volume and therefore loses pressure and density.

Manual Transmission

Transmission system where the driver makes the gear shifts by means of a control (gear) lever and linkages to the gearbox.

Manual Valve

The gear selector valve in an automatic transmission operated by the driver.


Manifold Absolute Pressure Sensor. The mean gas absolute static pressure in an engine induction manifold.

Map Light

Small light used in a vehicle for illuminating a map!

MAP Sensor

A pressure sensor used to measure manifold absolute pressure in an engine induction system.


Used to identify opportunities for developing and assessing key skills within the curriculum.

Mapping (Contouring)

Edge of a repaired area under a paint film that shows up after a surface has been repainted.


Application of paper or other material and adhesive tape to cover an object that must be protected from overspray.

Masking Paper

Paper designed to prevent paint from bleeding through.

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