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Automotive Glossary

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Ministry of transport (UK)

Motor Reverse Circuit

An electrical circuit that reverses polarity supplied to a motor.

Motor tricycle

Three wheeled vehicle with wheels symmetrically arranged, a max speed over 45km/h, or engine size over 50cc.


A film defect appearing as blotches or surface imperfections, normally due to metallic or pearlescent pigments not being properly orientated in the paint film.

Mould-Release Agents

Chemical compounds applied to manufacturing moulds which must be removed by a pre-treatment prior to refinishing plastic parts to insure adhesion.


General term for the part of a component, or a separate component, which fits one thing to another.

Mounting Studs

Threaded fixings for an exhaust flange or similar.


Insulated or solid attachments for components/units on the vehicle. Insulated versions absorb vibration and provide some protection from shock loads.


An input device that allows the user to move the pointer around the screen and click on different items to operate computer applications.

Moving Conductor

The armature in a motor or dynamo.

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