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Relating to atoms formed into molecules.

Molecular Mass

Term used to describe the mass of molecules - usually relating to the mass of the protons and neutrons.


The smallest possible unit or amount of any substance which retains the characteristics of that substance.


Force that keeps a body moving.


The screen that displays information produced on a computer. An output device.


The honeycomb catalyst support element in a catalytic converter.


A petrol fuel injection system using a single point (or monopoint) injector in a throttle body in the inlet air supply and positioned on top of the inlet manifold. Also throttle body injection (TBI).


See also Sunroof... A sunroof that has a clear glass panel, rather than being opaque, so that light can enter the vehicle even when the roof is closed. Some vehicle have a sunroof at the front and a moonroof at the back.


Three wheeled vehicle with max speed of 45km/h, not over 50cc for a petrol engine or 4KW for any other engine or electric motor, not more than 450kg ULW.


Media Oriented Systems Transport. This protocol defines a multimedia fibre-optic point-to-point network implemented in a ring, star or daisy-chain topology over Plastic optical fibres. The MOST bus specifications define the Physical Layer as well as the Application Layer, Network Layer, and Medium Access Control. The MOST bus provides an optical solution for automotive media networks.

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