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A deposit that builds up in fuel components. It is similar to varnish.


Paints that dry by evaporative loss of solvent, e.g. Cellulose and 1K Acrylics. The film remains soluble in and susceptible to attack by the same or similar solvents.

Ladder Chassis

A chassis construction consisting of two longitudinal side members and a series of cross members. The finished chassis has the appearance of a ladder.


Carrying a load.

Lag (Valve)

The term applied to valves which remain open after the piston has passed tdc or bdc at the end of a stroke in the four stroke cycle.


Greek letter like an upside down y. It represents the ideal air to fuel ratio of 14.7:1.

Lambda Sensor

Provides information to the fuel system ECU on the oxygen content in the exhaust gas. Also, EGO Exhaust Gas Oxygen Sensor, HEGO Heated Exhaust Gas Oxygen Sensor and EOS Exhaust Oxygen Sensor.


A layered component made from thin sheets of material.

Laminated Glass

Plastic or vinyl core with thin glass each side. An approved glass construction for vehicle windscreens.

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