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Automotive Glossary

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Low Boilers

Solvents with low boiling points, usually less than 50 degrees Celsius.

Low Film Build

The condition of a paint film when it is too thin to provide protection to the substrate or withstand environmental conditions.

Low Profile Tyre

Tyre with an aspect ratio less than 80%. The depth of the tyre is less than the width by the percentage value.

Low Tension

The term used for the low voltage in the primary circuit of the ignition system.

Low Tension Circuit

The ignition coil primary or control circuit operating at battery voltage (low tension).

Lower Control Arm

The lower and longer wishbone in an independent suspension system.

Lower Quartile

Data is split into 4 equal quarters. The lowest quarter is referred to as the Lower Quartile. For example the Lower Quartile of 100 is the lowest 25 of the numbers.


Liquid Petroleum Gas.


Long Term Fuel Trim


Oil, for example, to prevent surface contact.

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