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Automotive Glossary

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Lock Tab

Special washer that can be bent over to lock a nut or similar.

Lock-up Clutch

Automatically operated clutch in a torque converter applied during constant speeds to lock the input and output components together.

Logic Gate

A simple electronic device, which has an output that is dependent on its input of combinations of inputs. Common types are described as AND, OR and NOT.

Logic Probe

High resistance tester (so it does not load the circuit), that is used to check the logic state (1/0 or high/low voltage) of a circuit.


Long life, long duration of service,durability


Any axis running from the front to the rear of a vehicle or other object.

Longitudinal Axis

Any axis running from the front to the rear of a vehicle and parallel with the ground and the sides of the vehicle. The main vehicle axis runs through the centre of gravity of the vehicle.

Longitudinal Forces

Forces acting along the length of a vehicle.


The collection of vehicle cables wound together with an insulation tape. Also known as a 'wiring harness'.


Limited Operation Strategy. Get home or limp home mode of ECM when system failures occur.

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