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Limited Slip Differential

Final drive differential with a clutch or other device to limit the differential action when one wheel loses traction.

Limp Home

Electronic control systems on later vehicles can substitute faulty sensor signals and therefore a vehicle can 'limp home' even when a fault occurs.


The LIN-Bus (Local Interconnect Network) is a vehicle bus standard or computer networking bus-system used within current automotive network architectures. Local interconnect network (LIN) is a single-master, multiple-slave networking architecture originally developed for automotive sensor and actuator networking applications.


For an equal increase in one variable an equal increase occurs in another.

Linear Valve

A valve where the movement is proportional to the change in opening size.

Liner (Cylinder)

A steel sleeve used to form a running surface for pistons in an engine. Also known as a cylinder sleeve.


The friction material attached to brake pads, shoes and clutch friction plates.


General term used to describe a collection of components that operate something.

Lip Seal

An oil seal with a lip that is reinforced with a coil spring and is used to retain oil on a revolving or reciprocating shaft.

Liquid Lever

Hydraulic cylinders that increase the force applied.

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