Automotive Glossary

Automotive Glossary

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A rigid rod or bar that moves about a fixed point.


The use of levers to gain a mechanical advantage.


Left-Hand Drive


Untrue and harmful information.


Collection of materials i.e. books or cd's.

Lift Pump

A low pressure pump used to supply a carburettor or diesel injector pump with fuel. Driven mechanically from a cam in the engine or electrically from the battery.


Attack by the solvent in a newly-applied paint on the substrate which results in distortion or wrinkling of the preceding dried or partially cured layers.

Light Meter

A meter that measures light intensity.


The brightness of a paint or object compared to a perfect white. Measured by the amount of light reflected by a surface. A perfect white is one which reflects 100% of the light in the visible spectrum.

Limit Switch

A switch that operates by a linkage at the limit of its movement. For example, a wiper motor has a switch that operates when the blades are in the park position.

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