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An emulsion; usually a dispersion of a polymer in water.

Layrub Joint

A type of limited angle constant velocity joint consisting of an enclosed rubber disc with two pairs of sleeves which are attached to mountings on the ends of the shafts.


The shaft in a manual gearbox carrying the gear cluster and meshing with the constant mesh gears. Also known as a countershaft.

Lazy Lock

Term used to describe the automatic closing of windows when central locking is operated.

lb. ft.

Pound Feet"


Low Compression.


Liquid Crystal Display. An electronic display device using liquid crystals in a glass sandwich. The glass has an inner transparent series of conductors and polarizing filters. Electrical signals to the conductors rearranges the liquid crystals to form digital or other images.

Lead (Valve)

The term applied to valves which open before the piston has passed tdc or bdc at the beginning of a stroke in the four stroke cycle.

Lead Oxide

Material used for the positive plate material in a battery.

Leading Edge

The front edge of a brake shoe in relation to the direction of rotation of the brake drum.

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