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Automotive Glossary

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Laminated Spring

A leaf spring with multiple leaves.


The sliding areas on pistons either side of ring grooves or fluid passages. The area on shafts that an oil seal lip seals against.

Lap and Diagonal Belt

Type of seat belt that has a single belt threaded across the lap and shoulder and anchored at three points. The anchorage points are both sides of the lap and on the pillar above the shoulder of the wearer. Also known as a three point seat belt.

Lap Belt

Type of seat belt that has a lap restraint belt only.

Large Class 4

A Class 4 vehicle with a DGW greater than 2500kg.

Latching Relay

A relay that latches into a set position when first operated and then back to its rest position next time it is operated.

Latent Heat

The heat energy that is needed to bring about a change of state of a material. During a change of state the temperature remains constant.

Lateral Forces

Sideways forces.

Lateral Runout

Movement from side to side in a rotating component.


Sideways to the length of the vehicle.

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